Introducing an eccentric actor - Habib Sidibe (AKA Babysbyberry)

An eccentric actor on the rise — HABIB SIDIBE (18), commonly known as BabysByBerry — is an ambitious creative performer who grew up loving Marvel comics and adolizing great entertainers such as Will Smith, Marlon Wayne and Kevin Hart. Born and raised in Arcadia, Pretoria ~ Babysbyberry has always had the zeal to conquer the world. So late 2018, he decided to follow his dreams, that's when he started learning and practicing the art of Entertainment. His innovative thinking and sparkling ideas makes him standout from his peers, as he always brings new perspectives in different dimensions. “I have a unique way of looking at things, I always want to see the other side of issues, debates, so that I can add a lil touch of comedy where I can. This has helped me a lot in the way I execute my plans and projects.” – BabysByBerry

The aspiring actor, Babysbyberry, has been nicknamed ‘hype man’ by his friends and family due to his energy of always trying to make them laugh. His confidence is unmatchable when it comes to speaking out and pushing versatility. Berry has grabbed the opportunity provided by the nationwide lockdown to start working tirelessly on projects that are set to drop this coming summer. “Truth to be told; I distanced myself from a lot of friends and family just to create enough time to work on my brand as well as my projects.” – BabysByBerry.

Habib Sidibe has the potential to take on the country with his acting prowess. The eccentric performer is destined for the biggest accolades there is. The sky is definitely the beginning just like he says.........
Read the Question and Answer below to understand more about Habib Sidibe.

Question and Answer interview [ Q and A ]

1. What's the meaning behind your stage name?
A. I was given the name Babysbyberry by my close friends in high school.

2. When did you start acting and why?
A. I started learning the art in 2018, but I started showcasing the skills in 2019 when a lot people around me were convinced that I'm a true character.

3. What do you do when you’re not doing theatre or acting?
A. I just be writing scripts, storylines and working on side projects.

4. Do you find it easier to play a chilled character or a hyper character?
A. Honestly, I'll say a hyper character.  My friends used to call me 'Hype Man'. It was annoying, but too cool at the same time. That's me, I'm great at bringing the energy. Right now I'm learning more about chilled characters, I know it might take time to adapt but it'sa journey I'm ready to take on.

5. How do you balance your acting career with other obligations - school, mate, children etc.
A. At times, I try to distance myself from a lot of friends and family just to get time to do my own things. I'm a high performing student at school, I work on school projects at school. Then the minute I get home, i start working on my acting career. 



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