'Son Of Sunnyside' - a mixtape by Dain Raptal

As promised to his fans, Dain Raptal finally lets go of his anticipated mixtape entitled "Son Of Sunnyside" under Lawless Records SA. The mixtape dropped on the 26th of June 2020, during the country's Lockdown. As the country recovers from its worst of times, the young rapper and producer — Dain Raptal — delivers a project with all kinds of emotions for his fans to relate to, showcasing the growth in his production. Son Of Sunnyside is Dain Raptal's 2nd mixtape since he started music, he put together this project with the help of other young talented up & coming artists. The project features David Shakantu, Ishmael Rose, Young Official, OG Styles, Velry and Illey Fizzy.

Son Of Sunnyside Mixtape is full of different sounds; Rap, R&B and Trap sounds fused together - which makes it standout amongst many other projects that were dropped in South African music 2020. With this 10 tracks project, Dain Raptal takes his fans through a rollercoaster of emotions, switching his sounds every now and then. This is truly a game-changing project, Dain has served his fans with an amazing display of musical talent that will last them a lifetime.

"This project is too personal, I made it to express my love for CapCity. This is just to show the 012 streets that I appreciate all the support they been giving me. It took me about 2 years to finally wrap this project up, the effort I have put on it is massive. Hopefully, this masterpiece will live long. I'm the son of Sunnyside, where the sun don't shine." - Dain Raptal

The first song on #SonOfSunnysideMixtape is entitled "Pretoria" — he performed it for the first time at Black Diamonds Night Club before the LockDown, everybody was heavily moved and shaken. Resulting in him making more than R10 000 off tips only.
The middle song on #SonOfSunnysideMixtape is entitled "Family" - which has been play listed on Tshwane FM Radio before Lockdown.
The last song on #SonOfSunnysideMixtape is entitled "Hell Year" - which features David Shakantu. This song is very inspiring and motivating, the message behind it is powerful. This is a visionary song, describing the life of a Sunnyside hustler who makes ends meet when they're far from meet-ing.The message that this song comes with is that the year 2020 is their blow up year, they believe that they are going to make it and nothing can to stop them, whether it's hell or Ice(they'll break through)

Tracklist [Son Of Sunnyside Mixtape]

1. Pretoria
2. Scummy
3. Type I like (feat. Ishmael Rose)
4. 10 Trap Commandments (feat. OG Styles)
5. Family
6. 626 (feat. Velry)
7. I know (feat. Young Official)
8. About it (feat. Illey Fizzy)
9. Smoking & Drinking

10. Hell Year (feat. David Shakantu)

Stream 'Son Of Sunnyside' by Dain Raptal on the link below.

Dain Raptal - Son of Sunnyside (mixtape) 

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