Mpumalanga Soul trap artist on the rise - Epic Sbu

Epic Sbu is a hip-hop artist born and raised in lydenburg, Mpumalanga. Ever since he was a young teen, his love for making music always drove his ambition forward with each song he dropped. Early in his career, Sibusiso Mahlangu (aka Epic Sbu), started off singing and rapping in school. Most of his schoolmates loved his craft and appreciated his talent, which gave him confidence and a little push to keep chasing his dreams; and pursue a career in the music industry. Epic Sbu recorded his first song in 2015. The song is entitled 'I am Real', produced and engineered by MPC. Most people got impressed by how his pen game was, got impressed by his lyrical flows and his musical displacement. THIS WAS THE BIRTH OF EPIC SBU!

His fan base keeps increasing heavily each year; all the songs that Epic Sbu released through his journey has received great feedback. There's great potential in this young South African trapsoul artist, his music has touched a lot of hearts and has empowered a lot of kids.

Epic Sbu is currently pushing a song called "From the ghetto", which he dropped a few months ago. The message of the song is very powerful, it's been touching a lot of hearts and souls. From the day it dropped, it has been receiving much love from his fans and the public ; with everyone's reaction been positive. From the Ghetto's verses are very catchy, and Epic Sbu classifies this song as an inspirational song, where he motivates people through the telling of his real story. Most people relate to his story, so this song stands as one of those classic soul trap sounds that motivates people into doing better. From the Ghetto is Epic Sbu's best song after "Depression", this song took his career into higher levels. He found himself being booked in big shows around Lydenburg, getting featured in Magazines and playlisted on local Radio stations. Epic Sbu got his song playlisted on Mash Radio, as well as Rwab FM. It also received a nomination at THABA CHWEU LOCAL MUSIC AWARDS.

Connect with the Epic Sbu & Discover his talent by clicking on the link below.


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