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Coming up from a talented musical family — Tshepang Tlhabanelo(mostly known as Zay Abram) — a conscious rapper, producer and lyrical genius all the way from Bloemfontein, Freestate. Zay Abram raps mostly about life choices, and everything happening around him at that time. The people's reception to his music is positive and he's regarded as a lyricist that makes music that touches the core of a person's heart. The creative rapper, Zay Abram, defines his type of music as soulful rap (sometimes he's aggressive and sometimes he's soft). Since the age of 15, Zay has been trying to pass light and inspiration to both the young & the old ones.
"I rap to share a certain message or pass light to the ones in need, I always have a unique approach when recording my songs. My message comes in different arrays; today I'm conscious about this, tomorrow I'm concious about that. Basically, I just write what I'm thinking about at that exact time. As long as the message makes sense to the hip-hop music lovers." - said Zay Abram


Zay has made a name for himself without a collaboration with any of the mainstream artists. His name is topping charts with minimal and less promotion, that shows how powerful his music is. To collaborate with a big artist has been one of his challenges, including getting airplays and performances. Most people recognizes him as underground, yet his message is commercial. The journey has been tough on the Free State artist Zay Abram, but he has given it his all, so he is now managing to squeeze in the South African music industry. Getting a few radio interviews and a couple of performances — He has now found his way into thousands of hearts through concious gospel rap.

Zay is currently pushing a video for the song called "God's Grace", which he dropped in April 2020. The message of the song is very powerful, it is believed that it touches people's souls. From the day the video dropped, it has been receiving extraordinary love from the public and their reactions have been positive. Zay Abram is the one who produced and mastered the song — basically means he had 100% input on this project, and that shows how creatively vital he is because the song is so mind-blowing. He twisted the vibe of the song by applying a dark element of weirdness onto his soulful sound. His verses are very catchy and bring a positive energy, Zay classifies it as a gospel rap song because it's message is very powerful, full of mystery and stands as a motivation to most. God's Grace is one of those classic sounds that motivate you, gives you love and brightens your day.


To stream the song, watch the promo-video of the full song on the link below

Zay Abram - God's Grace(Promo Video)


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