An amazing display of musical talent - '2 Ways Story' Mixtape by Gunner47 Bangz

A savvy artist emerging from the north — Akanani Mkhombo (better known as Gunner47 Bangz) has recently made his fans much more happier by dropping a hit project on his birthday. A mixtape entitled " 2 Way Story" which dropped on the 24th of March 2020, as a birthday gift from himself. The mixtape is full of different sounds; a mixture of real Rap, R&B and Trapsoul - which makes his project standout amongst the rest. Gunner47 Bangz's mixtape is one of the most amazing projects to ever drop in South African hip-hop 2020. It is one of those records that take you through a rollercoaster of emotions, increasing it's pace every now and then, switching the sound from trapsoul to old school hip hop and hardcore rap. This mixtape consists of 9 tracks, featuring upcoming artists by the names of Yung Pelo, Apollo Rizz and Cannah Bjess. It was collectively produced by Theron 96, Frieza, Yung Pelo, Mac Holley, Chelsea, Yung Gado and 808 Santana.

Gunner47 Bangz  has truly brought his Top-Game on this project, serving his fans an amazing display of musical talent.

With little promotion and minimal press, the rapper Gunner47 still got to built a huge fan base for himself. He has taken on Limpopo and he's about to take the whole country by storm. Gunner47 Bangz has been performing in various events and major concerts in and around the province of Limpopo. Before the release of his tape, he has been doing a few radio interviews across local radio stations, to talk about the project '2 Way Story' on how it was made as well as what to expect in it. When the project dropped, it caught a lot of people by surprise, affirming all the expectations that were heaped on to him.

I felt very proud for dropping something like #2WayStory, because it shows how far I’ve grown as an artist from wanting to trap all the time to ending up spitting something meaningful which people are able to relate to. For example, most people are relating to track 3 (Family) which I featured Yung Pelo and Apollo Rizz to represent how connected we are regardless being from separate bloods, we stand together as family. " - Gunner47 Bangz

Stream or Download '2 Way Story' by Gunner47 Bangz on the link below.

Gunner47 Bangz - 2 Way Story (Mixtape) 

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