Fast rising hiphop artist to watch out for in 2020 - Malcolm E

Watch out for the fast rising hiphop artist — MALCOLM E(22) — a Swaziland born artist who possesses a smooth bass voice which makes him stand out among other artists in the industry. Malcolm E began making music in his final year of high school, that was when he became serious with the music business, considering the fact that he had a notebook full of lyrics he had been writing. During the process of self discovery, Malcolm took a side road to explore different musical styles and understand himself as an artist. " I fell in love with music through the influence I got from hiphop legends such as Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Eminem, J Cole e.t.c...even though my sound is different from theirs, they're still the people I look up to." He said.

Malcolm E describes his sound as a combination of Trap, EDM and Rap music. He believes that his sound evolved from rap music, encountering a dynamic shift as it got influenced by the direction of trap music. His lyrical capabilities and his creativity of mixing melodies & creating catchy hooks is mind-blowing and unbelievable. As witnessed in his latest project, an EP entitled ' R.T.T(Rapper Turned Terminator)' which dropped on the 22nd of December 2019 produced by TRXY, LCS, AYKI and PENACHO.
From it's first month of release 'R.T.T EP' gained thousands of streams internationally, with USA alone generating about 2000+ monthly streams. With over 8.5k followers on Instagram, Malcolm believes it's the best social media platform for him as he finds it easy to grow his brand and gain a huge fanbase. A graduate in Sound Technology, Malcolm E, believes that 2020 is gonna be his best year as he's entering the International market. He is already performing in big events in South Africa, getting featured in Magazines and Newspapers, working with South African top artists and producers. Watch out for Malcolm E because he's about to change the game.
Africa and the rest of the world is yet to witness!

Discover his talent, Stream or Download his music on the link below.

Malcolm E - R.T.T (Rapper Turned Terminator) EP 


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