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Come upon the definition of a unique creative artist — Calya Donnelly (widely known as Don Calya) — an upcoming talented indie-pop singer and songwriter who has made a name for herself internationally. Although born in South Africa, Don Calya was raised in Australia, which influenced her creative style and garnered her exposure. She has managed to travel to more than 3 countries in the world, performing her music before finally coming back to South Africa. She capitalised on great opportunities, like recording at the renowned studio called 'Downtown Records' located in the UK. She recorded about 3 singles and went as far as recording a music video in USA.

Don Calya moved back to Johannesburg from Sydney in 2016, so she can impose herself in the forefront of the new generation of creatives who are planning to take the South African music scene to a new level. She met and formed working relationships with Antony Morgan, as well as Amy Rosslind. Don Calya's aim is to create a unique yet home grown sound, thereby propelled her to work with local producers and collaborate with local artists. Calya Donnelly also owns her own fashion label called 'Barcode Generation Y', which she aspires to get on the runway platforms in the near future.

"I am definitely the forefront of being unique, different and creative. I'm on my own lane, and I hope to lead my generation into believing that nothing is more powerful than living your truth and being yourself, no matter the cost " - Don Calya

She recently released her much anticipated single entitled 'Ready or Not' which has hit the streets hard, allowing people to take notice of her capabilities.

Download or Stream 'Ready or Not' by Don Calya here.

Follow Don Calya on the following social media channels.

Instagram: @Don_Calya
Twitter: @DonCalya
Facebook: Don Calya 

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