5 tips on how to take your craft to the next level - by Solomon Tywales

I'm Solomon Tywales, an aspiring actor and motivational speaker — I'm going to share my story with you today, as well as help you to best prepare for success in the creative industry. I understand that it is hard for most upcoming artists to connect with more established artists and get advices that help them to overcome their challenges, So today I'll try and give my form of advice and I hope it'll help you take your craft to the next level. When you begin the process of choosing your creative career, there are several things you need to be mindful of. These are the things you should have in you to motivate yourself to be a better person in your field, with these five aspect you'l definitely go far in your creative career.

1. Belief

The most important tool you need as an artist is to develop self belief, having faith in your abilities and your art; it is pivotal to believe in your own worth and actions so you can reach your full potential. I do this all the time, the only person I believe in is myself. I usually visualize myself where I would love to be in a couple of years, decades, or even months. I pick a month, then I choose which level I want my art to be at by that month; this is more like a challenge i give myself. Do that and you'll see changes in your art, challenge yourself to do what you consider the hardest task in your art, make sure to always set up yourself to win by preparing for any opportunity.

2. Self Awareness

Discover the things you don't know about yourself, even if it's the little things such as the time in which you're most comfortable working on your craft, or the most suitable environment to work in. These little things can help you figure out more on how you can take your craft to the next level. I'm one of the people that enjoy working on my art in the morning and also late at night, I believe my mind is more wide open at those times than anytime of the day. The noise in the afternoon distracts my creativity, so if I'm working during the day I need to be in the most quietest place in order for me to think freely to perfect my art. Learn yourself over and discover all the unique things about yourself or your art. Also, please remember at all times to never compare your art to that of anybody else's because your art is Unique.

3. Work Ethic

Talent without hard work is just a waste; you might be the most versatile or talented artist in the world but without putting the work in, your career will be stagnant and therefore your craft will eventually become valueless. I know I'm a great actor and comedian, I have the confidence and belief in my abilities but I still remain humble in my hustle because I know pride can ruin a person's talent. Make sure you never become full of yourself and expect an easy ride, because there's no easy path, you have to put in the work, you have to sweat to get your talent to be where you want it to be. Invest your time to action, set daily goals and work to achieve them. Be like me, always try to be open to opportunities, take every opportunity like it's your last. That one opportunity might be the gateway to your dreams; just like they say ; "you will only be as lucky as the work you put in your craft."

4. Sacrifice

This one is the most difficult stage for all the people with ego, yet it is best way to improve your art. Sacrificing your material things and your bad habits can save your career. You gotta let go of somethings, just so you can get the life you want to live; the sacrifices will pay off in the future. Before I found myself, I used to always chill at a tuckshop nearby my flat doing nothing for almost the whole day, I stopped sitting around the shop when I figured I could spend my time doing something I love, so I invested my time in reading Novels and Screenplays. Fast-forward to now, I'm writing commercial ads for major companies. I had the patience when starting out, there's really no problem with starting small, that's how everybody starts. You will be required to take risks over the course of your career, you have to take a big chance in order to discover your full potential. Overtime, your art will require you to cut-off family and friends for a while, always remember that your dedication is the key to success.

5. Brand Building

To find the right audience that best suits your persona, you have to identify the key components of your craft. That's how your art will have an influence on the world, either it be positive or negative. Originality will win you a fanbase, always be real and original, represent the person you want the world to know. When your fans interact with you, interact with them back, engage and find out their interests and where they're based. Everybody that have love for me knows I reply to every comment that is directed to me. I always keep my audience on the edge by passing a compelling message alongside some great content. After establishing your brand, you need to change your mindset from consumer to owner, you have to start taking yourself as a business. Read books that range from mindset growth to business and your art, they will equip you with tools and more insight on the right direction to take for your art to be on the next level. When you start to garner income through your craft, use it wisely to avoid a fallback, invest it in promotions and other services that would be a benefit to your brand.

Thank you for reading till the end, you are 1 step ahead already. Use my knowledge to get your art to the highest level. Dreams do come TRUE 

"Belief, Self-Awareness, Work-Ethic, Sacrifice, and Brand-Building"

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