5 reasons why Johannesburg is the best city for creatives

Picture by Ndamu Netshituni (Nesh Filmz)

Johannesburg is an ideal place for business — It is where things happen, the city has more job opportunities than any other South African city.

Joburg is a busy city, overcrowded, hyper-saturated with talent, and absurdly expensive, but it's still the best place for creatives to live. JHB has always been believed to be a place for people who want to succeed in art, music, theatre, fashion (Entertainment as a whole). Most successful artists and creatives live in Johannesburg — not because that’s where they wanted to live, but because that’s where they had to live to start their careers. We are not saying creatives should move to Joburg, you can stay in your city and build your own culture, you gotta do what’s best for you! 
BUT if you are hungry for opportunities and connection, consider moving to Johannesburg. Here 5 reasons why JHB is the best place for creative artists. 

1. Entertainment industry jobs are in JHB

Getting a job in a creative field is much more easier in Joburg than it is anywhere else in South Africa. Where else in South Africa have you seen a whole city painted in graffiti | so many art companies, entertainment agencies, music companies, media schools etc. If you want to be employed in your creative field of choice, your best bet is to move to Johannesburg, there's so much opportunities. 

2. The most inspiring creatives live in JHB. 

The city is full of unique people, different people with different talents and vibes. #Johannesburg attracts hyper-ambitious people who are unlike anyone else, anywhere else. In the city - your connection determines your net worth, the more people you connect with, the more opportunities avail themselves. Most creatives who live in JHB are driven and passionate about their craft and their fields.

3. World-class entertainment culture is in JHB. 

When you live in Johannesburg you don’t need to fly around the country to experience amazing things. All the inspiration is right there, all the entertainment shows are hosted there, whenever international artists visit South Africa they come to Johannesburg because that's where most media houses are. The creatives culture is much respected and supported in JHB than in any other city in South Africa. Street fashion, pop up stores, social markets, music shows, art competitions, photoshoots, creatives gatherings, vision boards, art galleries, theatre work -- this is why you should consider moving to Joburg.

4. Most Manufacturing takes place in JHB. 

Almost everyone who owns a clothing brand or sells branded cups and bottles, has their merchandise manufactured in  Johannesburg. Most manufacturing companies are there, so by staying around JHB, you are cutting off delivery cost. 

5. You’ll always be in a great mood.

The city brings so much joy, just by staring at the view of JHB — from the flats, the streets, the people, the culture and the artisty in everything will warm your heart up and put you in a great mood. The only reason why creative people keep doing what they do is because they’re never satisfied. In Johannesburg you can never be bored as a creatives because there's so many things to do or attend, the city leaves you in a great mood everyday.

But for a lot of us, this city is the best place to live, to be inspired, to be an artist, a performer, a designer, a model, a writer. Joburg is the home of creatives, you should consider moving to — Johannesburg.

Pictures by Ndamu Netshituni (Nesh filmz)

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