Highlights : Woke Arts Reborn

An awesome, incredible and unforgettable Sunday, all thanks to #WokeArtsReborn. If you couldn't join us, don't worry, there's always a next time.

Woke Arts Reborn — a conscious art experience, a market-like feel, and a celebration of art & creativity. The event was hosted by Woke Arts on the 3rd of February 2019 at 012 Central, Pretoria.

Pictures by @Vivid_Ink

Woke Arts Reborn brought together a range of the greatest speakers, designers, poets, visual artists, musicians and an interactive experience. Our MC IIndirhe took us throughout the whole show, keeping the love vibrations on, as well as the hype on the same level. The event had a chilled vibe and the music was so marvelous. The inside of the hall was filled with beautiful and amazing art hanging, pasted-on-wall, and lying on the ground. We had a couple of fashion designers and artists selling their clothes, paintings, crafts etc. The event was more like a platform for artists to express themselves through their work. Outside the hall it was the performance stage, the performances were such a different vibe, they created a host of stimulating energy and an interactive expression.

The performances featured the most creative poets and musicians. The following names are for the artists that got a chance to perform and showcase their talents at the performance stage - Eddy the poet, Sergio de artist, Khutso, Love Sechaba, Rah Zu, Re Ono, Thabiso Thabethe, Prodi, Tyson ST, PatFaded, SkeemSA2015

Art meets Love; ART by - Tcha.Paintings, Art by Dandelion, IAmNotDarren, The Real Dead Boi, Yoshi Calvert, Wani The Alchemists, Sei Siren Toi.

Follow up the hashtag #WokeArtsReborn on Twitter & follow Woke Arts on @Woke_Arts to know more about their event's updates.

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