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A Question and Answer interview(Q&A) with Sniper SA - a young talented artist from Limpopo, he sits down with Creatives Makhado to talk about his current mixtape entitled Dreams Delayed are not Dreams Denied. The mixtape dropped in November 2018, click here to Download. We got a chance to ask Sniper all about this project, on what it took him to make this project and he also shed some light on his 2019 music plan.

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Read the Q and A below and understand more about this upcoming artist, get inspiration from local talent.

1. Why did you choose to drop a mixtape and not an EP?
A. It's pretty simple, i just wanted to stand out, i just wanted to separate myself from the pack. I figured if i dropped a mixtape that was gonna make me stand out, B'coz everybody been dropping EPs, so it's not something that the street is still used to. I figured a mixtape will make me look different and get more attention coz we out here tryna blow.

2. Why the title 'Dreams delayed are not dreams denied' ?
A. I see so many people give up everyday, homies just wanna wake up and be Doctors but they ain't putting in that work. So i was just tryna tell 'em that just coz your dreams are taking too long to come through don't mean that shit is been denied. That's why i called it Dreams Delayed are not Dreams Denied.

3. How long did it take to make this project?
A. I just woke up on the 5th of November, I'm like my birthday is coming in a couple of days so it took me 4 days to complete it.

4. Who produced the project and what kind of input did they have during production?
A. I mixed and mastered the whole thing, so i think it's safe to say that i did it. I produced the mixtape and it wasn't really easy to record it... coz... i remember i texted my shawty, I'm like i ain't gonna talk to you for a couple of days and she thought i was cheating, and i just wanted to record the mixtape. I went like 3 days without eating, coz i was just tryna figure out a hook. That sounds delusional but that's what happened, it took a lot ti make this tape.

5. Which song from the project are you planning visuals for?
A. This goes without saying, I'm definitely gonna drop the video for Ghetto, the one that features Roy Machel coz that shit is banging and coz the streets fuck with it. "Additional videos"...That idea reciprocate around how the viewers want the videos to come about, but if nothing else, for sure for sure imma intercept more videos on YouTube and that's some shit you guys can think about and get inspired.

6. Any new projects you are dropping in 2019?
A. I'm not really sure, imma first rejuvenate my mind then maybe, just maybe, I'll drop another project. I got like 12 projects done in the last 4 months so imma be dropping music every month and there's gonna be a time where i drop like contemplated tracks that you would have to listen to.

7. Who inspires your music?
A. Everybody that knows me will tell you, if you open my phone right now, all you gonna find is Drake...Weezy...Those are the two people that inspire my music, but mostly drake.

8. Which local mainstream artists would you like to collaborate with ?
A. I would like to collaborate with Areece, with Rouge, with SuperMega coz I like the consistency and growth in his music, he ain't sounding like no-one else. And also Pop artists like Shekinah.

9. Anything you'd like to add?
A. I would like to see the industry come together as a whole, like this beef thing is cool and a lot of kids gonna talk " yea this nigga got bass" but I'd like to see more artists work together and more support for up-and-comers that's what I'd love...and a Grammy too for me!

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