Katlego Seretlo - founder of 'Buddy Street Couture'

Katlego Seretlo is a 21 year old StreetWear designer from Vaal Triangle, Gauteng. He started his own clothing label called 'Buddy Street Couture' in 2015, and now it's one of the most talked about brands in the streets. Katlego fell in love with fashion at a very young age --- " I've always wanted to wear differently from my peers, and since we had limited shops, i used to cut my clothes, pimp them up, and just keep creating my own pieces, " says Katlego. That's how he started his own line --- Katlego is not just creative but smart, talented & very ambitious and that's what separates him from other upcoming brand owners. Read on as Katlego sheds some light on his journey as a Brand owner.

Question & Answer Interview (Q&A)

1. Why the name Buddy Street Couture?
A. "Buddy" meaning a friend , and the "Street Couture" because the garments are curated in the streets for the streets. So it actually speaks a friend who's in the streets creating garmets for the streets.

2. When did you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry?
A.  I've always wanted to wear differently from my peers, and since we had limited shops, i used to cut my clothes, pimp them up, and just keep creating my own pieces until a friend of mine asked me to create one for him too, so that's when i realized.

3. What was your biggest fear when going out and starting your own line?
A. My fear was that no one would catch what I'm tryna deliver.

4. When it comes to clothing and textiles, where do you gain your inspiration from?
A. I grew up following Galxboy, i used to buy their collection every season, that's where some of the inspiration comes from but after I started my own clothing line, I just look at my previous capsule and improve on that.

5. What role do you think social media plays in fashion today?
A. It plays a much bigger role, social media helps in marketing, widen our audience, retrieving new customers, branding etc. It also helps with inspiration and networking. Upcoming brand owners can see or learn how a mainstream brand did it through social media. 

6. What is your favorite part about owning a clothing line?
A. It always makes me happy everytime after i release a collection and people start asking for the garmets left and right. It makes me believe that i really did some great stuff.

7. Do you get pressured to come out with your greatest collection season after season?
A. For now i only release twice a year, which is after every 2 seasons, so by the time i release i would have asked and already got feedback about the collection look when there's still time.

8. Do you rock your streetwear clothes every day?
A. Yes I rock my stuff everyday.

9. Are your circle of friends into the same kind of shit as you?
A. Yes, i hang around creatives, fashion designers, artists and alternative art curators. 

10. Where do you wanna see yourself and your brand in 3 years time?
A. In 3 years time, i would be having a physical store under my company 'HoodGrindOnline' to host other brands. By then, hopefully the brand will have a branch in CapeTown, Western Cape. 

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