Artist Profile - Sonwabile Gingqishe (Immortal Soso)

As a young man who grew up in an average family, Sonwabile had to work so hard in order to find himself where he is today. Sonwabile Gingqishe --- a 22 years old performing artist known as Immortal Soso
Agency : Just You Model (based in Johannesburg, Sandton, and New York City). A Rapper, Poet, Actor , and a Model.

Immortal Soso went from winning his first  award at Fort Beaufort District to making an international name for himself. What's most moving about him is that he has a passion for being a performing artist, tackling poetry, music and run ways. Believing in the dream is what keeps him going --- " It’s not easy to stay focused on a goal, and often we drift away from it or trade it for something else. However, it’s important to remember that in order to achieve our dreams, we need to stop dreaming about them and start working on finding ways of turning them into a reality", says Immortal Soso. The upcoming artist has won numerous awards over the years, and below is the list of the awards and the year in which they were obtained. 

(2009-2010) Immortal Soso won Best Poet in Fort Beaufort District.

(2011) Immortal Soso won ■
 : Best Poet In Fort Beaufort District   
 : Best Poet In Eastern Cape
 :Best Actor In Eastern Cape
 :Best Poet In South Africa
 : Same year, he obtained 3rd position in the international Slam in Wimbledon, UK.

(2012-2014) Immortal Soso won Best Performed Heritage Script in Nkonkobe. Which lead him to writing and directing the winning plays on Nkonkobe Heritage events. As a hard worker, he also won Best Performer In Peer Education Programme, where also became a peer educator. 

(2015) Immortal Soso
 : Became a CCIFSA Representative in Languages and publishing.
 : Won Best Poet and Actor in the Social Development Youth Camp.
 : Got Nominated In Spiced Beef Poetry Awards
 : Won Best English Poet
 : Won Best Poetic Hip Hop Artist of the year
 : Won an award for Best Writer

(2016) Immortal Soso won Best Oak Golden Award in Acting. As well as a Judicator In the biggest event in Eastern Cape called "THE BATTLE OF THE BEST S.A"

(2017) Where he won Best spoken word Artist in Chihenchi Picture Studios. This is the year in which Immortal Soso started getting recognition. He also won Best Community Builder Of The Year Award, which opened more doors for him. In the same year, the performing artist auditioned for the international showcase and got selected to perform for Kim Myers and other international stars at the International Showcase (Silver star casino). The showcase had international stars such as Kim Myers, Nate Butler, Blaze Johnson, Oprah Winfrey Studios, Tayler Perry Studio.

Sonwabile Gingqishe is heading to USA in July 2018 for the ARTS INTERNATIONAL,  where he'll be representing South Africa on modelling, Tv commercials, monologues, and Improv . The multi award winner (Immortal Soso) has a motto that says "If your dreams don't scare you then they are not big enough" 



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