Una Rams -Nobody music video review

Nobody music video appears to be simple, but if you concentrate more on the detail you'll understand why I'm interested in writing this review. Some of you might not see the visuals like I do, but I hope most of you see what I see after reading this review.

The nobody music video is so great, impressive and yes I love it. The video is, in fact, just a video. A simple professional video with nothing confusing at all, which is so exciting since the message becomes very clear.The direction of scenes is so creative and groundbreaking. The imagery and the lyrics combined create a short amazing story, the video doesn't literally interpret every lyric because it is more conceptual than literal.I feel like the video does represent the song, as we can see the girl looking lonely while there's a guy around who cares for her but she is not interested.Which represents the song since the song is dedicated to a girl who has been hurt by her ex and the new guy wants her but she doesn't want Nobody.

.The work of Una Rams is too good to stay hidden for long.There's no doubt, he's about to become the biggest in the country. Nobody music video was shot by Jonathan Hofmeyr from Joziewood film (a production company based in Johannesburg )

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