Here's what went down at the Creative Union - #TheVisionBoard

Creative Union is an event for creative artists - or rather a celebration of art and creativity. The event was hosted by the Artizens Of Joburg on the 3rd of February in Pretoria. Creative Union gathered different types of creative artists, (all kinds) from Speakers, Poets, Visual artists -to- Musicians, and Dancers. Started off with the Workshop, followed by the Showcase, then lastly, the Performances. Dominating (or rather the longest) in the program was the workshop(discussion) because the main point of the event was for artists to interact with each other and discuss their challenges in the industry, most importantly to gain knowledge and connection. #TheVisionBoard , a collective vision , strategy and framework to support, empower and protect upcoming artists. It is a space to share thoughts , showcase & create a collective vision that insights a forward movement for artists and creatives. Creative Union brought together a range of the greatest Class-Speakers, Exhibitions, Performances and a host of stimulating and interactive experience.

The names mentioned below are for the speakers who were giving motivation & advices to artists at Creative Union, helping them face their challenges and teaching them the important things they need to know for them to survive in the industry. Advices or tips on matters such as Self branding, Marketing their crafts, finding the right target.

Boipelo khunou
Gin Daily
Hannah Van Tonder

Show Coverage #TheVisionBoard


Massai - A poet and set designer who delivered his poetry on social issues of the Morden black man.
Self quote "I don't hope to write something that is so good it leaves people speechless . Actually I hope for the contrary , i hope to write something that will leave people talking," Massai.

Kat Upendi (Kat) - A poet and writer who delivered a poetry on exploring self love and healing.

Question & Answer(Q&A) with Kat

1. When & Why did you start poetry?
A. When i was young I had a very tough time articulating myself verbally so my mother would encourage me to write down what I was feeling so I've always used writing as a means to fully express myself. I started writing poetry around the age of 16.

2. Which famous Poet/Poets do you admire?
A. International - I go with Jasmine Mans, Alyssia Harris, Rudy Francisco.
Local - I go with Nolwazi Tunisi, Siphokazi Jonas

3. How would you describe your performance at Creative Union?
A. I was very nervous but judging from the audience's reception i'll say it was great. Everyone seemed to love it.


Brought together amazing performances from upcoming artists - all genre's, from Jazz, soul, rnb, hip hop etc.

Performance from : Lehlohonolo, Ntando, Joan K, Mag SA, Slabsta and many more upcoming artists.

Visual art

These artists are underrated and slept on whereas their talent is super incredible, painting amazing crafts & keeping the art alive. These artists deserve to be in the mainstream, their work is just beautiful, we'll try find time and interview these artists and get to know what the inspiration to their artwork is.

Sisanda_Art - her theme was "The new South Africa"
Nokwanda_themba - her collection "sovereign" is based on woman of colour.

How was the event? The event on overall was a success, It was a very wonderful and fun show. We'd like to thank Kea Mooka (Founder of Artizens of Joburg) for the invite. We had such a great time.

Follow up the hashtag #TheVisionBoard on Twitter & follow the Artizens on @ArtizensofJoburg to know more about their event's updates.

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