Most creative clothing brands in South Africa

As we've all seen how fashion is rising in South Africa, Inspired by local culture and trends, local clothing brands are paving their way up to the top, still sticking to their own unique identity and creativity. These clothing brands are producing some quality and creative sh&t. As a local creatives agency, we are excited and proud to be writing about some of these local clothing brands you should keep an eye on.

1. Dead -: An exciting lifestyle brand that reflects the hyper-emotional millennial generation. "Dead" produces quality, well-fitted clothes, with a different style to other clothing brands we are going to mention

2. Docc -: A direct reflection of the world we live in."Docc" collections are different and each collection has a message but the abstract idea is bold, unconventional and inspired by the aftermath of a relationship. It's funny how Docc collections drop like mixtapes in Music, we "think" what they want is to let people relate to fashion like they do in music, for people to be able to reflect back on a time period in their lives.

3. Head Honcho SA -: A Capetown-based clothing brand, founded in 2008."Head honcho" designs and manufactures clothing that is creative and special, appears to be unique in the urban market of Creativity. Their mission as a brand is to create a new trail of fashion techniques and to discover more ways of interacting with young South Africans through their brand.What excites us more is that the brand does not just produce attractive clothes, but also makes sure their clothes always stay with a core underlying message.

4. GalXBoy Is it really about what girls do over boys and what boys do over girls? "Yes, "said Thatiso Dube the founder of GalxBoy on Hype Magazine. GalxBoy's mission is to try design something different, crazy and perfect to take South Africa's street fashion to a more competitive level.

5. Dirty Lolli -: A local clothing brand that reflects a childhood life - the fun, the joy, the happiness, the crying, taking the clean cut and mixing it with the dirty cut /Dirty Lolli indeed.. The creativity of these designs is very amazing and astonishing.We'd like you to check out the Dirty Lolli bag below, It is a unique and fashionable bag with a constricting synthetic buffalo leather which emphasises sophistication in simplicity and fine attention to detail. The colour shows some kind of luxury, doesn't it?

6. Bambata SA A local clothing brand from Pretoria, mostly known as Petrol or Milk (PoM). "Bambata" has made a lot of impact with the "Petrol or Milk" design over the years and its still doing the most with the Bambata design.Bambata means to Stomp or Thread heavily which inspires the youth to fight adversity with their talent.

We hoping you didn't skip all that, and just start from reading here .so surely you've seen how creative and unique these brands are.Young people are taking it upon themselves to re-create the fashion culture in South Africa by designing and manufacturing their own clothes, and it's worth paying attention to. So without any further due, let's support local creative artists.


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