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A multi-talented & elegant creative on the come up — Karen Magadla, commonly known as KAYREN MAG — is a Pretoria-based Model and Content Creator who is driven by the passion to help people who find themselves in uncomfortable situations. She helps them overcome these situations through her knowledge, advices, tips and stories of her personal experiences.

Kayren caught a liking for Modelling at girlhood, that's when she started doing runway shows to perfect her confidence. Her bright smile and her confidence is something that has always made her standout. What she loves the most about Modelling is the freedom that it brings within her, a point of connection with her inner self which leads to glowing in pride. "Women should learn to be more confident, you gotta do you and rock you better. Your body is the finest of gold, your body is art." - Kayren Mag

Her love for Modelling has given her the chance to go across the country showcasing her skills and inspiring other creatives. Her profession as a Content Creator is now receiving great influence and she's getting all the attention she deserves.

Kayren Mag is the definition of HOPE, a heart surgery survivor who has decided to turn her story into motivation for her future endeavors. Growing in strength as the years go by, she has managed to create a path for herself, refusing to conform to medicority and helping people be the best version of themselves "Life tried to break me down but failed, i love my scars and every inch of my body. Never allow negative words to hurt you".- SHE SAID.

A great role model for young girls. Kayren hopes her content and her Modeling career touches people's lives and show them that anything is possible. Her dream is to be an International Influencer and Model, as well as get her content to millions of people as she keeps acquiring new skills overtime "I look forward to growing both my channel, profile and also work with people that are higher than me in the same field that I'm trying to get into." - Kayren Mag


Check out her YouTube channel on link below 

 Kayren Mag - YouTube channel

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