On the road to Pretoria Superstars #PtaSuperstars

Catch @mtc_cracker taking us through on the road to Pretoria Superstars, sharing his experience of the #BackToSquareOne show night with us.The engagement on this video will determine when the first episode of Pretoria Superstars will be released.
Pretoria Superstars is a South African reality show (web series), featuring/showcasing a reality of the most creative artists in and from Pretoria.All things visual - from Dancers, Rappers, Singers, Models, Photographers, Designers and all other types of creative collaboration.The reality show will be broadcasted on Youtube.The first season contains of 5 episodes, 8-10min each & for season 1 to be released 'on the road to Pretoria Superstars' video should be between 5k - 10k views on Youtube.

"I go by the name of mtc cracker, i'm a Dancer, an Entertainer, blogger, content creator & an artist manager. So basically thats what i'm going to be doing or showing on the reality show coming soon.You'll get to watch all of us do what we love & what we good at, the hustle."

Watch on the road to Pretoria Superstars here >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdUiWL-aZ90

Pretoria Superstars reality show coming soon.Keep sharing the video for "On the road to Pretoria Superstars" & don't forget to use hashtag #PtaSuperstars when sharing on social media.Reality show sponsored by Creatives Makhado

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