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Mpumalanga artist, Munene Mbhalati famously known as Swae SA, is on the rise as one of the most versatile hip hop artist to ever come out of MP, mostly known for his mind-blowing melodies and his uniqueness. Swae adopted the music industry at a very young age, His parents are pastors so he started learning how to play Keyboard, Drums and Bars Guitar at the age of 7. He then transitioned into a Hip Hop MC and RnB singer when he turned 14 years old. " My family is the reason behind me making music. My mother's family are great worshipers and my Aunt is a great singer so for me music basically runs in the family. I just decided to choose a different path. " - Swae

His aim in the music industry is to make it Nationwide and International, as well as to inspire and motivate the people from Mpumalanga to know that it is POSSIBLE. Munene Aka Just Swae, is currently doing his 3rd year at University of Pretoria. As hard as it is to juggle music with other obligations, Swae still finds it easy to get his music to the public. His fan base is very strong, and it's currently growing rapidly.

He has recently released his much anticipated single entitled 'City' which has hit the streets hard. This song has got a lot of people to take notice of his capabilities. City — is a cool, calm dance jam; made of catchy flows and mellow melodies that brings a positive vibe. The song is full of mystery and very motivational, made even more magical by his performance video on BlackScenes. This is one of those timeless sounds that motivate you to do it better for your city or your hood.

When Swae wrote the song 'City', he was inspired by his lifestyle and the grind, the love of music and the aspirations of putting his city on the map. Stream or Watch video on the links below.

Swae SA - City (Promo Video)

Swae SA - City (Audio)

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