Meet Favour Folake - A firm believer ministering the gospel through music

Introducing a firm believer who is ministering the gospel through music — Favour Folake — is a Pretoria-based gospel musician originating from Nigeria whom has been uplifting people's spiritual well being with her music.

The mother of three who began singing 27 years ago in the church choir hasn't looked back since then, aiming for the highest in her musical journey " I Pray God should help me to reach my highest goal, which is to allow my gospel reach the world, inspire & help people." - Favour Oluleye

Over the years she has grown so confident in herself with the help of the Holy spirit that keeps filling her with the wisdom to keep praising God with her beautiful voice. Favour juggles being an awesome mother, a lovely wife, smart business woman, leading the choir & still manage to compose the kind of music that would make me the angels visit your yard on a Sunday morning.

Her latest single EXALT JESUS is only a week old but has been rapidly making its way into Sunday morning playlists of households, her emails have been buzzing for bookings, her video has been rising by the numbers & radio interviews coming her way. She's ready to take on the journey and take her music global. " EXALT JESUS is really dare to my heart, i believe it is very Excellent & Out standing Sound that anyone can enjoy and love" - FAVOUR

The talented songstress is a good role model to the coming generation with her courage, hard work & uniqueness, she plans to never stop working hard and doing things worth emulating. She hopes to work with and share stages with the likes of Sinach , Don moen, Benjamin Dube and many more.


Watch her Music Video Out now on YouTube 

Favour - Exalt Jesus (Uphakeme Jesu)

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