'Mabala Noise' song by Emperor'pheezy could blow up in SA 2021/2022

The exciting artist, Emperor'pheezy, is back with another banger. This one is entitled "Mabala Noise" and it's dedicated to the haters and the noise makers. The song is a fusion of New age Hip hop/Trap and Kwaito vibes, it explores real confidence and courage, as Emperor'pheezy channels all his energy and emotions into it with no limitations. The Northern Cape native is blowing his way into the industry, he has been receiving a lot of attention lately - gaining new fans from different privinces which shows that most people are starting to love his type of sound.

The 'Mabala Noise' song is blessed with a catchy melodious chorus accompanied by amusing and smooth verses. Very diverse, creative and exciting - Emperor'Pheezy continously shows why he's a force to be reckon with. Send this song to [Mabala Noise Record Label], this songs speaks for their brand. " I wanna make noise like Mabala, so they can hear me from a distance, A gamble life is a risky life, i understand they don't understand, I'mma torn souls you don't know that" - Lyrics from the Chorus

Emperor'pheezy has managed to maintain a positive energy since his arrival in the music scene. He has been taking his time to master and perfect his unique sound, very synonymous to himself which is something that will soon make him blow in the SA Music Industry. He has impressed his fans and the public at large with his antics to a point where they got stuck with him from the day they heard his talent.

Stream his latest song Mabala Noise on the link below.

Emperor'pheezy - Mabala Noise  

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