Flow T (22) - One of the 'Reflector Dot Rap Contest' top 15

Representing Mpumalanga on a national level — Thando Lukhele (22) widely known as Flow T — a full-time hip hop artist who makes informative music, utilising his reality and lifestyle to influence the direction of his art. His producer (brother) is his main inspiration, guiding him to greatness, pushing him beyond limit in order for him to succeed in his dreams of conquering the world and representing the country on a global scale. Flow T 's music is elementary, very catchy and easy to be understood by a large mass. Just as the name says, no one can murder a flow like Flow T Yaw, and his storytelling is very impressive. His sound has an international type of vibe, that when it touches people they all get in their best moods. Check out the entry videos he submitted to the Reflector Dot Rap Contest.

We also did a Question and Answer Interview with him to get to know more about him and his music. Get inspired, Read the Q & A below.

Question and Answer Interview with Flow T (Q & A)

1.) Who are you and what do you represent? (tell us about yourself)
A. My name is Thando Lukhele aka Flow T, I was born and raised in a small town called Nhlazatshe in Mpumalanga. I represent a movement known as Crescendo, which supports me and shows love to my music. I also stan and love giving out informative content.

2.) What makes you different from the other rappers who are participating in this rap contest ?
A. What will always make me different is the fact that I'm always myself and I stay true to that, no one can be like me. I rap and speak about my reality and the things happening around me.

3.) Why do you deserve to win this contest?
A. If I win this competition it will be because of the people and the music I make that speaks to them. However, the reason I deserve to win this competition is because I'm bringing a very unique and nice sound that is perfected, which makes it easy for me to talk to the mass.

4.) Would you say that you are a good role model?
A. Judging from all the views and comments coming from people, I would say I'm doing pretty well so far.

5.) What goal do you want to have achieved in 2021/2022?
A. To be a successful rapper/artist and make more music for people and obviously get all the credits and compensation I deserve for it.

6.) What was the hardest sacrifice you had to make when preparing for your Round 2 entry video?
A. There isn't much no lie, because to me rap comes naturally and you can call me anytime of the day and I'll rap, accept the fact that I was going through a tough time as I recently lost my father and I had to make the video despite what I was going through emotionally and I'm not certain if that was a sacrifice.

7.) Who or What inspired your Round 2 verse?
A. I've grown so much in what I do, I have become so much matured in such a way that I reflect on my previous work all the time and think about how I'll enhance my skills. So on this, the answer will be myself.

8.) What is your favorite part about this contest?
A. Is the fact that all the contestant are really good and taking what they do serious, which pushes me to do better.

9.) Apart from yourself, who else do you think has the potential to win this competition?
A. That's really hard to tell!

10.) If you could describe this experience in 3 - 5 lines, what would you say?
A. I got to learn that in a rap game, you should always know who you compete with and keep your pen game on par regardless.

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