Muffin Man (20) - One of the 'Reflector Dot Rap Contest' top 15

Introducing one of the Reflector Dot Rap Contest top 15 contestant — Lindelani Mnomiya (20) commonly known as Muffin Man - a skillful, agile and educated rapper from Tembisa, who studied Sound Engineering to perfect his craft. Muffin Man's music comes in different forms, and his message is always portrayed in different arrays; which makes it hard for people to predict his next release. He has made a name for himself without a collaboration with any of the mainstream artists. Even with minimal and less promotion, Muffin Man still comes out relevant and his name is amongst the most talked about artists on the Twitter platform ~ that shows how powerful his music is!

His music is a combination of hardcore Rap and commercial hip-hop. He believes that his sound is an evolution through time, where it comes from to where it is going. Everyday, Muffin Man's music encounters a little drift to stand as a new masterpiece to the ears of the public. His lyrical capabilities and his creativity of mixing melodies & creating catchy verses is mind-blowing and unbelievable — As witnessed with the entry videos he submitted for the Contest, Muffin Man has the most potential to blow up in 2021 or 2022.

Read the Question and Answer interview we did with him below.

Question and Answer Interview with Muffin Man (Q & A)

1.) Who are you and what do you represent? (tell us about yourself)
A. I am just a young man who failed to reach the peak of my soccer dreams but trying to make my music dreams come true. I started writing music from as far back as 2008, inspired by Lil Wayne's album "The Carter 3". I was studying Sound Engineering after matric to sharpen my engineering and production skills, before I dropped out. I represent people who had different dreams before music took over, in a way i show that it's never too late to start something new.

2.) What makes you different from the other rappers who are participating in this rap contest ?
A. I include humour in my music for the listener to have fun while processing my experiences and real life stories. I also emphasis bars everytime i write which makes my pen game relentless .

3.) Why do you deserve to win this contest?
A. I dont mean to be cocky but if the competition really is just about content and talent, and not about popularitythen I trust the judges will pick a deserved winner...which I believe could be me.

4.) Would you say that you are a good role model?
A. Yes, we could say that, and not because of the things I do in my personal life but because I had enough courage to leave my past and start a new journey, which is getting recognized by alot of hip hop faithfuls. I've been told multiple times about how an inspiration I am to people who want to do whatever they love without caring about what others might say, and this has always been an honour for me.

5.) What goal do you want to have achieved in 2021/2022?
A. In 2019, my goal was to move out from home but then that objective got prolonged. My goal now is to be frequently booked for performances.

6.) What was the hardest sacrifice you had to make when preparing for your Round 2 entry video?
A. I never really had to sacrifice anything big enough that I feel it should be recognised. The only thing I gave in was my time and commitment.

7.) Who or What inspired your Round 2 verse?
A. No one did, my content completely relies on the type of beat I'm writing to and the emotions I'm feeling at that time.

8.) What is your favorite part about this contest?
A. My favourite part of is putting out new videos for watchers to see. I like to compete so being involved in this kind of movement is the best thing. This is life changing!

9.) Apart from yourself, who else do you think has the potential to win this competition?
A. Besides me I honestly dont know. The fact that everybody made it to top 15 makes them all a potential winner. No one should be underestimated.

10.) If you could describe this experience in 3 - 5 lines, what would you say?
A. This experience has been very overwhelming for me. It brought lots of exposure, former school associates and friends who never knew I could rap, are now witnessing what I told them I was gonna do 2 years back. It also has installed a new level of confidence and belief that I am actually made for the music....

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